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 The courses offered by the school

 1. BASIC COURSE in Bharatanatyam for students of the age 4 years and above. 

Postures, Movements, Hand Gestures, Feet Positions, Slokams, Stotrams, Pushpanjali, Thodayam, Alarippu, Jatiswaram, Sabdam, Kavitwam, Thodayamangalam, Thillana – in this order. 


  • Interested students can also appear for the Level 1- 8 Grade Level exams which will be conducted in our academy by Annamalai University.
  • Students who have completed Std.8 can appear for Lower Grade in Dance  and 10th completed students for Higher Grade in Dance conducted by DPI,Chennai.
  • Alarippu (variety), Jatiswaram (variety), Sabdam (variety), Varnam, Padam, Keertanam, Thillana (variety), Slokam (variety), Sivashtakam. 
  • Varnams (variety), Thillanas, Keertanams, Padams, Javalis  


(Only for those who have completed the basic and certificate courses.) 

  • New choreographies, Teacher’s Training..Training for participating in public or stage performance of the Institutes Performing Wing.
  • If student wants to be a degree holder like Diploma,B.A, M.A in Dance,classes will be taken here.


Class of one hour duration is held once a week for each group. The class timings and branch is decided according to the availability of space. Students should bring the text book, fee card and an exercise book everyday to the class. Fee card should be submitted with the teacher prior to the class and taken back before leaving.

The school also provides training to outstation students and their class hours are lengthened depending on the duration of their stay. The school on request helps in finding accommodation also.


All  teachers are alumni of the institution and are under the supervision of our Director, Smt.S.Vijayalakshmi Bhoopathy. Requests of preference for any particular teacher is not entertained on any circumstance.


A minimum of 80% of the classes in a year must be attended by every student. Students’ progress is assessed by the teachers and their superiors throughout the training period.

Progress Assessment:

1. Class test will be conducted thrice in a month(Jan-March,Apr-June,Jul-Sep,oct-Dec).The students performance level will be announced to the parent at the end of every 3rd month.

2. The student performance level will be recorded in Grade sheet and should be signed by the Parent during the Parents Teachers Meeting. Information regarding meeting will be broadcasted via Whatsapp.

3. Mayuri Grade exam will be conducted once in a year in the month of February. Students those who pass the exam will be awarded with the Grade Exam Certificate


It is mandatory on the part of a student to participate in the annual festival of the institution as it is an evaluation of their performance. It also gives the parents the opportunity to see their ward’s progress. One should also attend on all the days of the festival and other performances of their peers.

Students participation in the annual festival is entirely at the discretion of the management.

The school organises an annual programme every year against a fee which has to be paid on announcement. The costume(hire costume available), ornaments (imitation Jewellery) and anklet bells(Ghungru) as prescribed by the school for the programme will be charged separately.



All fees are accepted by Cash/Cheque.

Parents paying through cheque may kindly draw the cheque in favour of "Mayuri Academy of Performing Arts" for at least three months together and collect a receipt for the same from the office. At the back of the cheque, the student's name, fees for the month, Roll No. and the Mobile Number should be mentioned.

Fees for the months of May and June should be paid in May before the summer vacation.

Fees for the month of summer and pooja vacations have to be paid in advance.

A late fee of Rs. 50/- will be charge for every faltering month irrespective of the student's attendance. 


The school prescribes an uniform for all the students who have joined for the class.

White salwar with red bottom & duppatta.

Students should also carry a single lined exercise book and the text book to every class. The school provides clean drinking water. However, students may carry their own water bottle to the class.